Stem to Stern Saltwater Products L.T.D.

A Product Design, Prototyping & Field Testing Company

    I've been an R&D engineer / product designer  / inventor  for the past 25 years.

    Stem to Stern Saltwater Products L.T.D., Engineers, Designs, Prototypes and Field Test  various products for the Saltwater Fishing Industry. We are currently working on 15 new products. First, we prospect the market for the product, then we prototype, fully design  and field test the product for the saltwater environment; we then approach a prospect company that may lease or purchase the patent rights for the product. Once a company has leased or purchased the patent rights we then release the technology and engineering to them.

    Stem to Stern Saltwater Products L.T.D. offers a confidential non-compete agreement for companies looking for product design, prototyping and field testing of their  own products. This agreement protects their patent rights and allows us to work together on their product. Upon the receipt of a retainer and a signed contract we start the process of engineering, designing, prototyping, and field testing. We provide progress reports back to each company on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

    If  Stem to Stern Saltwater Products L.T.D. can help you in this area of expertise please send us an email.


Terry Simmons R&D

Please serious inquires only !

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